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The Bubble (Part 2)

All of us live inside a bubble. It’s a psychological and sociological necessity. Like eyesight or a camera lens, things within the bubble are in focus and everything outside is slightly blurry. The bubble protects our tiny brains from overloading with too much noise and action, which could make it impossible to focus on anything at all. But sometimes – just sometimes – we let things stay out of focus intentionally because they’re scary, or unfamiliar or require us to take responsibility. If a problem is far enough away, we can pretend not to see it.

The question is, in our society today, can’t we choose anything in the world to include in our bubble?


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Charity in the Church

There are a huge number of references in the Bible to giving and taking care of people who have needs. We’ve been fortunate enough to be born in a nation that has so much and there is responsibility to see outside of our bubble and realize that we are accountable for the lives of others, as well as our own. Unfortunately, there are still soup kitchens who require people to take vows before they will feeds them and organizations who refuse to care for the poor if they can’t include a sermon plug.

A visiting minister from India made a very good point in my church a few weeks back. A starving person doesn’t want to hear a sermon, he wants to eat. Then he will want to listen. For many people the “good news” is that they get to eat, get to be healthy, get to be safe. This is the purest form of the gospel and the mission that many people in the church are leery about because it feels too political somehow.

There is the perfect intersection right now between the shifting sociological environment and the way the church is organized and connected. A network of millions of people who are all (ideally) in one accord and desiring to show love to the world can make a huge impact. Let’s become the ones who lead the way to the new philanthropy.

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