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We have the results of our story submission contest. Three amazing stories were submitted and all of them did a great job of connecting the reader with a great cause. This month’s winner is Rory. His story is posted below. Please feel free to comment and discuss this story. Congratulations, Rory. Nice job.


3 thoughts on “Featured Story of the Month

  1. Rory, did you get the sense that Canada was so successful because people there like mustaches? I grew up in Minnesota so I’m just curious what your opinion is.

  2. Margaret MacDougall says:

    Great work Rory – I was very moved by your Blog !!!!!!!! I was no help in your raising of money. Very proud of you Nanny Dougall.

  3. Movember. A time of raising awareness, raising money, and raising hope.

    I’ll be honest, and hopefully speak for the majority of people out there when I say this. We all want to donate, but we never know who to donate to, how to, or more importantly how much. We tend to get caught up in making the perfect choice and sometimes become so overwhelmed that end up not donating anything at all.

    Fortunately enough, this was not the problem for me for the month of November. Or should I say, Movember.

    “Movember” is a month/charity organization based on raising awareness for Prostate Cancer. In order to partake in this fun filled month, all you have to do is grow your moustache from the 1st to the 30th. Yes ladies, Movember is the reason why your boyfriends and husbands are growing those furry little friends on their upper lips in hopes of looking like the man himself, Tom Selleck.

    Now some people grow it for the sake of just raising awareness of Prostate cancer and having fun, while others decide to that AND raise money. In order to raise money all you have to do is sign up at Movember’s official website, http://www.movember.com. Signing up is as easy as pie, as all you have to do is input a team name and your e-mail. From there, you can begin recruiting members to your amazing cause. No credit cards are needed to sign up, as all proceeds are directly donated to the website. You’re the middle man in the process, and are the one that get’s the bragging rights!

    So with that said, I’ll explain as to why this fundraiser is so important to me. In the past year both of my parents were diagnosed with cancer. My mother was diagnosed with lung cancer which spread to her brain and my father was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer that was treated and cured, but spread to his liver. Currently they’re both being treated with various forms of chemotherapy, and my mothers brain tumour is being treated with radiation. Now I’m sure you’re wondering how their conditions apply to that of Prostate Cancer, and I’ll put it plain and simple. Any cancer is simply cancer. One form of it is not better or worse than the other, it is a horrible disease that effects all of us in the worst way possible and really shows us that nobody is invincible and we’re all the same.

    So! With that being said I decided to create a team, as I knew for a fact that a plethora of my friends were going to grow a moustache and we had potential to make a decent amount of money. I created our team, The Movember M.I.L.F’s, (Moustaches I’d Like to Fondle) and began recruiting. Our goal for the month was to raise $300 between the 12 of us. It seemed like a very reasonable goal, as I assumed some of our friends would sign up for the team and not raise much. To my surprise, just 14 days into the month, we passed our goal! This gave our team so much hope and inspiration to raise as much as we could possible. Two days later, we were at $500. What a leap! At this point it seemed like the sky was the limit.

    But, like all good things, they must come to an end. By the end of the month our team raised a total of $867. This blew me away. I was personally responsible for raising $867 for an organization/cause that meant so much to me, and had fun with my friends while doing it. As I’m writing this I’m a little emotional – I’m just so proud of myself and amazed at the amount of support I received from family and friends, even from strangers online!

    Now as great as our teams success was in raising money for Movember and Prostate Cancer, it was only the tip of the iceberg. Overall, Movember’s Canadian chapter raised an astonishing total of $38,484,214, coming first out of the 14 countries that participated. All in all, the 14 countries that took part in Movember raised a total of $106,909,502. That’s $106,909,502 raised for Prostate Cancer ALONE.

    All in all, I’m simply proud and happy with myself at the success of our campaign. I helped raise money for a cause that I hold dear to my heart, and couldn’t have asked for anything more. The feeling of self accomplishment consistently overcomes all of my emotions, and I’m left sitting here with a smile on my face.

    Like my good teammate Jamie said, “you raised over $800 of money for a charitable cause that everyone cares about. Nobody can ever take that away from you.”

    Check out our teams final count and updates throughout the month – Movember M.I.L.F’s

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