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Home School Programs Website

Hey guys. Just wanted to let you know that I’m working on a new site with information for prospective home schoolers. Feel free to check it out @ . Thanks.


Only One Day Left!

Only one more day until the story submission of the month is selected. Would anyone like to share a story and join Erik in the running for submission of the month? It can be any organization you are involved with or one that you simply want to help raise awareness of. More human and personal stories often help engage the reader. Can’t wait to hear what you all have to share.

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Make a Black Friday Purchase That Will Change Your Life!

It’s all over but the turkey sandwiches. Many of us spent the day with family yesterday, ate unconscionable amounts of pie and spent this early morning fighting like a Spanish soccer game over the one open checkout lane at Target. (For the record, I did not shop this morning) Before we stop being thankful, lets take a minute to remember that there are children all over the world who had no family to spend the day with. There are millions of people born in less fortunate circumstances who had absolutely nothing to eat yesterday. As we whip out our debit cards to make some big transactions today, let’s make at least one that counts. Buy someone clean water. Buy them something to eat. There are DVDs on sale but you can take that credit card swipe and purchase someone’s freedom. There are great organizations who make it simple to give towards a world changing cause. Today we can change the world. Happy shopping.

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Storytelling Contest

Don’t forget to visit our Contest page, read the rules and contribute to our community with a story of your own. You don’t have to be an official non-profit, just a person with a story and a passion for a good cause. We need as many stories as we can get and the winner of the contest (December’s featured story) will be selected on December 10th. You can submit your story¬† in the comments section of the contest page.

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Welcome to Stories for Impact!

The purpose of Stories for Impact is to build a community of education and conversation among small non-profits who want to make a big impact in their world. We believe that the advertising techniques used by corporations and massive charities are ineffective for most cause driven organizations and the more common they become the less they work. What does work is story. Story is the world-wide, age-old method of conveying messages as a total package; not just information but feelings and a drive to take action. What could be a more effective way to spread your passion for a worthy cause?

If you’re reading this right now, feel free to drop a comment, say hello and tell us what you’re passionate about and how you want to make a difference. Thanks!