Of Course You’re a Leader!

Some people feel like making big changes in the world is the job of leaders and leaders are the people who are in charge of big groups or organizations. Somewhere along the line there had to be an election or a town hall meeting or something. As if that were a prerequisite for leadership.

Truth be told, big changes are made by leaders. Leaders are people who bring others with them when they do something. The beautiful thing is that, in our society, anyone can be a leader. Years ago you had to be the President so that people would broadcast your ideas on one of the 3 networks. Today, from the President down to the janitor who cleans up after the town hall meeting, anyone can now spread their ideas and messages to a large number of people.

No movement or good cause has ever failed from a lack of followers. They fail from a lack of leaders. Dare to be the one who is called a leader. Or even the one who moves people toward something without ever being recognized as the leader.

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