5 Steps to Fixing the World (you can take at least 3 today)

Since we’ve talked about the 100 reasons not to do something, I figured we should get a jump on doing something good with a few simple steps. These five steps are always part of the process of leading change. You can take the first three right away and you should. They keep many people from ever moving on to the last two.

Identify Problems- You need to start by seeing the needs. Who needs what? Who is in the greatest need? Opinions will vary on this, but that’s why you are you and they are them.

Identify Your Passion- Now you narrow down the problems and decide which one you are going to make a difference in. This isn’t saying that you can’t make more than one difference in the world, just start by focusing on the one you are most passionate about until you get some momentum going.

Solve the Problem on Paper- In order to start solving a problem, you need to know what that solution should look like. Is it a problem that can be solved by sending money or one that requires time and personal contact. It doesn’t do any good to throw money at something that can’t be bought or rally volunteers for something without the resources to complete the project.

Raise Awareness & Gather Resources- Now that you have your target acquired and know what general direction you need to take to make a difference, you can start telling your story and leading people in the right direction. This is where you build a team and gather what you need for the final step. Most of the time, these last two steps continue to work side-by-side as long as the project is operating.

Deliver on Your Solution- If you’re feeding orphans in Mexico, this is where you take the food or money you’ve collected and actually feed them. This is when you send the funds you’ve raised to the people on the ground. This stage looks different for each cause but it always looks like you’re making a difference. Congratulations!


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