Story Contest December

I just want to invite everyone to post some stories in the contest page for December. This is a great way to share what we are doing, whether you are part of a large organization or just moving for a good cause on your own.

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One thought on “Story Contest December

  1. Helping the Kids of Cascabel

    In Jan 2006 I went to Nicaragua and met Pastor Carlos who was helping 18 kids who used to scavenge at the city dump of Somoto in an area called Cascabel.The kids were staying at a construction site with no water, no electricity, no bathroom and no doors or windows.

    The kids were still sleeping on the concrete floor in the bags that once carried rice and beans. I was able to buy the kids mattresses and wood for bunk beds.

    The day before I left Nicaragua. I was able to buy some bird whistles at a market. I sold them at a fair and sent the money to Pastor Carlos for the kids. He was so thrilled that he went to the market and found more bird whistles. The merchants were puzzled why a Nicaraguan man would want so many. When he explained that he was going to send them to me to help the kids, the merchants were touched and gave him the whistles. This opened up a highway of blessing to support the Kids of Cascabel.

    Read the full story here:
    Watch the video here:

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