Messages That Increase Your Word of Mouth

I really hate forwarded emails. Strangely enough, I seem to attract people who really love them. Let’s just say I get a lot. Whether or not you enjoy getting forwards, there are a lot of things we can learn from forwards, re-tweets and Facebook sharing. We can learn what kinds of things are “forwardable.”

When you see the things that are passed on they usually have one or more of three qualities. The messages that are highly transferred are:

Entertaining – They are funny or provide a unique twist on a story that people enjoy hearing.

Interesting – They contain information that most people may not know and that people want to share with others. These messages have that “did you know…?” factor.

Intelligent – They contain information that people want to be associated with. It’s easy to re-tweet or forward information about a cause you care about so that people know you are part of something important, so give your listeners a message to pass along if they can’t find a way to voice it themselves.

By providing your current donors and followers with these types of messages you can increase word of mouth spread by giving your current donors and followers information that they want to pass along. A good story will always be retold.

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2 thoughts on “Messages That Increase Your Word of Mouth

  1. rory_mg says:

    Totally agree. It’s funny though, because the person that forwards the most e-mails containing jokes and info is strangely enough my own Grandmother!

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