Make a Black Friday Purchase That Will Change Your Life!

It’s all over but the turkey sandwiches. Many of us spent the day with family yesterday, ate unconscionable amounts of pie and spent this early morning fighting like a Spanish soccer game over the one open checkout lane at Target. (For the record, I did not shop this morning) Before we stop being thankful, lets take a minute to remember that there are children all over the world who had no family to spend the day with. There are millions of people born in less fortunate circumstances who had absolutely nothing to eat yesterday. As we whip out our debit cards to make some big transactions today, let’s make at least one that counts. Buy someone clean water. Buy them something to eat. There are DVDs on sale but you can take that credit card swipe and purchase someone’s freedom. There are great organizations who make it simple to give towards a world changing cause. Today we can change the world. Happy shopping.

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