3.5 Reasons That Word of Mouth Can Spread Your Ideas Further than You Can

Word of mouth is one of the best ways to spread a message or idea. Here are three and a half reasons why it’s in your best interest to encourage word of mouth.

Market Research

Organizations spend hundreds of thousands of dollars trying to learn what is important to their prospects so they can properly present new products. Word of mouth puts the distribution of your new idea or proposal into the hands of people who already know this information. They know what their friends value and they will automatically share information in the most relevant way.


It takes a lot for companies to build credibility- like pretending that Tommy Lee Jones uses their financial products- but your current community already has it. Wouldn’t you trust the recommendation of a friend more than a group you don’t know? Let your current partners spread the ideas around for you.


Essentially, word of mouth is free. There is no commission rate, although a good referral program is appropriate for some organizations.


This is the recent addition and possibly the most powerful advantage of word of mouth. When you send out a mailer to potential partners, you are interrupting them. Since they aren’t currently a part of your cause, it’s probably unsolicited. Your current members, on the other hand, have full permission to bring up a good cause in conversation without being perceived as SPAM.

Stay tuned for more information on how to get your partners talking about you.

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2 thoughts on “3.5 Reasons That Word of Mouth Can Spread Your Ideas Further than You Can

  1. lukeashworth says:

    I think that the credibility that you spoke about is really important, It’s much easier for us as consumers to believe the word of a friend or family member over that of an unknown brand or business.

    • Absolutely, Luke. We all prefer someone who isn’t being paid to say it. Thank you so much for coming out and being a part of our community here. Hope to see you stopping by and sharing your thoughts whenever you have a chance.

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